Cesar E. Chavez Scholarship Competition

The Cesar E. Chavez Scholarship Competition is specifically designed to give students the opportunity to submit scholarly work that focuses on a wide range of diversity issues. Diversity is defined in accordance with the University of Colorado’s definition, understood as referring to subjects/issues that pertain to traditionally underrepresented and historically oppressed target populations, primarily ethnic and racial minorities, women, GLBTIQ persons, and persons with disabilities. All currently enrolled undergraduate students matriculating at UCCS are eligible to participate in this competition, with the exception of anyone who is a professional (defined as anyone who has been paid for any type of published or creative work).

Selection of the winners will be based upon the merit of submitted materials, and will not take into consideration an applicant’s status in any of the protected class categories listed.

Diversity , External, Gender, LGBTQI, Non-Traditional , Race / Ethnicity , Student with Disabilities