Non-Traditional Student Graduate Scholarship

The Non-Traditional Student Graduate Scholarship is for students who graduated from UCCS as scholars in either the KPWE, Hildebrand, or Non-Traditional Scholarship programs and wish to pursue a graduate degree. This scholarship is not guaranteed and is limited based upon fund availability. Once selected, students will be given a maximum of three years of funding. Preference will be given to students who share a clear and compelling reason why a graduate degree is necessary for their chosen career path. If you did not receive either the KPWE, Hildebrand, or Non-Traditional Scholarship as an undergraduate, you may not apply for the Non-Traditional Student Scholarship. Applicants will be notified in June.

Gender, Need Based, Non-Traditional
Supplemental Questions
  1. This scholarship is exclusively for students who received a KPWE, Hildebrand, or Non-Traditional Scholarship as an undergraduate student. No other applicants wil be considered for this award. Were you a recipient of one of these scholarship programs at UCCS?
  2. Which of the three scholarship programs did you receive as an undergraduate?
  3. In a MINIMUM OF 150 WORDS, How will receiving a graduate degree directly impact your career plans? MAXIMUM OF 300 WORDS allowed. Essays will be ranked based upon content, length, grammar, spelling, organized structure, and attention to detail. You are encouraged to write an essay that grabs the attention of the reader by being creative and using rich language.