Reisher Continuing Scholarship

The Reisher Scholars Program was established in Colorado in 2001 by the Reisher family. Roger and Margaret Reisher came from modest means and were the first in their families to attend and graduate from college. While most other scholarships help students get started on their college journey, the Reisher Scholarship is specifically designed to help give well-rounded college students the financial means to actually complete their undergraduate degree.

The Reisher Scholars Program for sophomores provides $12,000 to $45,000 over three years. Up to 25 new awards are given per year.

To qualify, you must:

  • Be a freshman student who completed 12 credit hours in the fall semester and is enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours in the spring semester

  • Be a Colorado resident.

  • Have a minimum 3.0 GPA.

  • Be Pell Grant eligible or demonstrate unmet financial need while having a household Adjusted Gross Income less than 300% of the Federal Poverty Level.

  • Submit the FAFSA and UCCS General Scholarship Application by March 1st.

  • Work a minimum of 10 hours per week (exceptions made for those caring for dependents, or for those who are college athletes).

Interviews for finalists will be held in late March. Notifications will be sent to applicants in June.

Need Based