Legado de Colorado Pre-Collegiate Scholarship

The Legado de Colorado scholarships are named as such to recognize the Colorado legacy of individuals like Anthony Cordova and Anthony Trujillo, among others, who have been long-time champions and public supporters of the UCCS Pre-Collegiate Program. Recipients of these scholarships are encouraged to become a part of the Colorado legacy by pursuing and completing their studies and seeking ways to continue making contributions to their families, communities, and the state. Legado de Colorado Scholarship recipients have already started on this path with their commitment to their postsecondary goals and their long-time engagement in a Pre-Collegiate Program.

Applicants must submit the UCCS Scholarship General Applications, Pre-Collegiate Scholarship Application, and FAFSA by March 1.

If you are offered and accepted a Pre-Collegiate Scholarship, you can renew your scholarship each year for no more than 4 years by demonstrating satisfactory academic progress as defined by the Office of Financial Aid and Student Employment.

Freshmen, Need Based, Pre-Collegiate